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Martial Arts Classes

Community - Fitness - Tang Soo Do
We believe that good karate levels up the lives of its practitioners with; Confidence in oneself, discipline over one’s mind and body, a strong work ethic, a passion for fitness and health, a positive community of peers and mentors, and a fun path to unlocking the highest level version of oneself.

Serving the Farmington Valley by providing professional and safe classes in traditional Tang Soo Do and self-defense, Level Up Karate brings 70+ years of martial arts experience to you and your family.

Martial Arts Benefits

Our students are dedicated because they see the results of their training
  • Fun, Focused, Classes

    Practice in a group of students and peers who are all positive and encouraging.

  • Situational Awareness

    Martial arts practice promotes better self awareness and situational responses.

  • Practical Results

    Training will help you feel more confident and have a more positive outlook in and outside of class.

  • Strength and Cardio

    With regular practice you'll feel more confident and notice improved strength and stamina.

  • Balance and Flexibility

    Dynamic movements and techniques will help you become more balanced with greater range of flexibility.

  • Community

    We want to create great students that go out and compete in tournaments, help out in their communities, and set goals for themselves.

As a parent of two children studying karate with Level Up, I have been very impressed with the staff ensuring that the lessons are catered to each child’s unique skill level and attention span. The kids genuinely look forward to attending sessions as they both feel great pride in demonstrating their progress as well as have a blast in class. Level Up is creating a wonderful community for students of all levels to learn and have fun together.


If you want a place where you will be handed a black belt because you paid for it, Level Up is not for you. The instructors there have built a school based on two principles: respect and hard work. The students can set their own pace, but Instructors always push them to surpass their limits.


Master Hinman

5th Dan Master Belt

Master Hinman

5th Dan Master Belt

Mr. Abalan

2nd Dan Black Belt

Mr. Psillas

2nd Dan Belt

Our Address

250 Albany Tpke (In Pulse Barre) Canton, CT

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