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Student Dress Code

Dress Code

Students are required to wear approved training equipment and uniforms during class, this includes Top, Bottom and Belt.

Top: Students must wear either their traditional dobak top, approved uniform top, or Level Up workout shirt. Dobak tops should be trimmed and hemmed appropriate to rank. Workout and any undershirts should be tucked into the pants of the uniform so nothing is visible below the uniform.

Bottoms: Students must wear dobak bottoms (pants) or approved martial art pant to every class. Shorts, leggings or sweatpants are not allowed with the exception of guests. Leggings or compressions can certainly be worn underneath your dobak bottoms if you want.

Belt: Your belt should be with you every class and be marked correctly to the rank you received.

For safety reasons, please do not wear jewelry or watches to class. Sweat bands are allowed if desired.

Uniform and Belt Care

Taking care of your dobak shows signs of respect to yourself, your instructors, and your martial arts style. Please wash your uniform regularly to ensure you always arrive at class with a clean uniform. Ironing is acceptable if needed to remove wrinkles. Please take the same care if you have a workout shirt that you plan to wear during classes and events.

However, do not wash your belt. After class, fold your belt neatly and return it to your gear bag until next class. If your belt is sweaty, it is advised to let it air dry before returning to storage. Except for when putting on or taking off your belt, avoid letting it touch the ground. As you progress in rank, keep your previously earned belts as momentous of your training.

When tying your belt in the Dojang, please turn to face the back of the classroom.

Students are welcome to change out of their street clothes into their dobak using our changing rooms or bathrooms. It is also acceptable to wear your dobak pants to class, but students are prohibited from wearing uniform tops and belts in public except during approved events.


Level Up students should dress their uniforms with the appropriate patches. Our federation patch should be placed on the upper left chest area. The Korean flag patch should be placed on the upper right arm, and the USA flag patch on the upper left. Both flag patches should be just below the shoulder and centered. The Level Up Patch should be on the left side about a 1/2″ below the USA patch.

The uniforms have a seam line where the sleeve connects which can be used as a good placement point.

Uniform Trim

As you progress in rank, it will become necessary to trim the lapel of your uniform.
Apprentice Green through Green Belt – Green trim, lapel only
Apprentice Red through Red Belt – Red trim, lapel only
Apprentice Black and Black Belt – Black trim, lapel, cuff, and bottom trim of dobak top.

The images below represent traditional uniforms required for all gradings and formal events. White pants must always be worn for all formal activities.

White through Purple ranks
Apprentice Green through Green Belt ranks
Apprentice Red through Red Belt ranks
Apprentice Black through Black Belt ranks

Sparring Gear

Sparring gear is mandatory to participate in sparring practices. Required sparring gear includes head, hand, foot, and mouth gear. Males are required to wear appropriate groin protection. Shin guards are not required by may be worn if desired.

For students who plan to compete:

Chest guards and face shields are required at many tournaments for students under 18. For students over 18, elbow and shin guards are often a requirement as well. There are several options available through us, and we can also recommend ones available form 3rd parties.


Cleanliness is important, both to your lifestyle and training within the Dojang. Students should practice healthy habits and wash regularly, fingernails and toenails should be trimmed, neat, clean, and with smooth edges.