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Dojang Rules

Class Arrival:

Students should arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start of their class in order to prepare. Arriving late is considered disrespectful to the Dojang and should be avoided when possible. If you are late to class please quietly prepare yourself and stretch as necessary on the side, an instructor will bow you in when appropriate. If you are bowed in while training is in progress you should line up next to the lowest rank until the next redress is called. At this point you should line up at your current rank.


It is martial arts tradition to bow when entering and exiting the Dojang. Bowing is a sign of respect to our style, school, instructor and classmates. It is also appropriate to bow when addressed by a senior rank in class.

Addressing Instructors and Students:

Our class uses formal names. Always address fellow students by their last name, preceded by Mr./Mrs./Miss or Sir/Ma’am. Black belts who hold a Master rank should always be addressed with a Master followed by their last name. This applies at the Dojang, federation events, and other martial arts related activities.


During class it is considered impolite to speak, especially while an instructor is talking. If you have a question, raise your hand until you are addressed an instructor, bow first, and then ask the question. It is polite to bow after receiving your answer.


Students should always treat other classmates, guests and martial artists with respect. Students should refrain from negative or demeaning remarks towards others.


There are times during class when students will be required to sit and wait. The proper seated position is legs crossed in front and hands resting over the knees. Students should never lean against a wall while sitting. Students with physical conditions or limitations should discuss this with an instructor before hand.


Our students and guests safety is our primary concern. Always practice safe habits and be aware of your surroundings. Do not spar or use equipment without permission and supervision of a black belt instructor. If see or feel unsafe in the Dojang, notify an instructor immediately. If you are sick, please stay home as to not spread or interrupt class.


Students should not engage in any behavior in or outside of the Dojang that would reflect negatively on our school, its members, or the Federation.

Moving Through the Line:

When moving through or around the line, such as to go to the bathroom or to break off into smaller groups, always bow, then step back facing your instructor, and move behind the line.


Unless otherwise directed, students should avoid teaching or correcting others technique during class. That is the instructor’s responsibility and ensures consistency in technique.