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Classes Starting June 1st

We are excited to announce our classes will be starting on June 1, 2022.

Classes start at 7:15PM! Out of respect for Pulse Barre patrons, Please DO NOT enter the building until the Barre classes are finished.

What to wear?

Wear your full karate uniform or karate pants and blank, solid color, t-shirt.
SMA T-Shirts are also OK for now. If you out-grew your uniform, appropriate workout shorts/pants are OK. If you do not have a blank t-shirt, something with minimal design/branding is OK for now.

Please ensure uniforms/attire are clean. Shirts should be tucked into your dobak pants and belts worn around the pant line. If you are wearing a full uniform, please tuck under shirts in as well.

Shoes off after entering and remember to bow when you come in and onto the floor!

We will take an inventory of needs (longer belts etc) and get those on order.

What to bring?

Bring your uniforms, sparring gear, and water. Our new space only has one bathroom so there is minimal space for changing.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Tang Soo!